‘Fat, weak, slow’ A Poem By Timothy Pilgrim

Diets aside, universal news heavies
my mind — W Boson particles pack
more weight than previously believed.
Of the three elementary types,

W’s can change the idiocy of quarks,
give off Beta radiation too. They carry
Weak, a decrepit universal force,
second most puny of four.

Sadly, W Boson, death-fat chubby, stout,
staggers about, more brawny
only than Gravitons, those slaves
of Gravity, with force strong enough

to barely hold planets in place. Blame it
on Beta decay, whatever, W is weaker
than Photons and Gluons, porters
for Electromagnetic and Strong,

forces with the power of Hercules.
Electro, Grav, Weak, Strong
strut about, flex, whack any galaxy
they want. Unlike me, puny, quick

to yield, unable to lift a can of poutine.
One caution — W is still fast,
appears for only a trillionth
of a trillionth of a second. I fear

it sends Beta rays through my body —
Kevlar vest, thick wool sweater,
heavy coat be damned. I’m a slug,
so slow time catches me with ease,

slides inside my body, sticks to everything.
Photons come heavy on my head, too —
they control Dark Lightning, gamma rays
charging about insanely during storms.

A secret, I fear onyx flashes at night, bolts
I can’t see against black sky. It need not
be said, I also dread being drenched
by plump drops of obese W Boson rain.

Timothy Pilgrim, Montana native and Pacific Northwest poet, has a few hundred acceptances from U.S. journals such as Seattle Review, San Pedro River Review, Third Wednesday, and Santa Ana River Review, and international journals such as Windsor Review and Toasted Cheese in Canada, Prole Press in the United Kingdom,and Otoliths in Australia. He is the author of Seduced by metaphor (2021). You can find more of his work on his website: www.timothypilgrim.org.

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