Art Gallery featuring Kathleen Bryson

You can find two of Kathleen’s poems here in Jalmurra: ‘The Burial In Structure A’ and ‘Oreopithecus’. This is a collection of science and anthropological themed paintings, part of the Greenstick Project at UCL’s Bone Room, presented in conjunction with palaeoanthropologist Dr. Suzy White.

Alaskan-born evolutionary anthropologist Kathleen Bryson studies prejudice/empathy and is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford. She is a published author of over 100 fiction pieces, including 3 novels of literary fiction. The most recent novel is The Stagtress, published by Fugue State Press (2019). An artist-writer-filmmaker long before she became a social scientist, she has had 10 solo art exhibitions, amongst them ‘Once Upon a Spacetime’ about scientific and religious cosmologies at the Royal Institution in 2019. Read more about her writing, art, filmmaking and scientific research at and on Instagram.

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