‘Oreopithecus’ By Kathleen Bryson

Alas, noble possible hominin anonymin,
humble humanimal, your current fame
is reached via bribing first-year anthropology students
with American cookies so they remember your name.

[Context: 9-7 mya. Extinct. Oreopithecus bambolii.]

Alaskan-born evolutionary anthropologist Kathleen Bryson studies prejudice/empathy and currently is a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford. She also is a published author of over 100 fiction pieces, including 3 novels of literary fiction. The most recent novel is The Stagtress, published by Fugue State Press (2019). An artist-writer-filmmaker long before she became a social scientist, she has had 10 solo art exhibitions, amongst them “Once Upon a Spacetime” about scientific and religious cosmologies at the Royal Institution in 2019. Read more about her writing, art, filmmaking and scientific research at www.kathleenbryson.com and on Instagram.

Poem and artwork by Kathleen

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