‘Streak of Tigers’ By Catherine A. Coundjeris

Tiger here, tiger there
Siberian forest
deep and spare;
it is cold, cold winter there.
Footprint, poacher.
Cat print.
Shall we follow it?
Fallen leaves
Full moon,
Glowing eyes
Black stripes,
Moon white
Snow white
The tigers come out tonight.
Shot by a poacher’s gun.
Her eyes closed;
Her body shrinking
into the ground.
Her spirit gone
where spirits go.
My heart forlorn,
so beautiful and wild
like murdering a child.
Too, too many gone
Can’t you see how wrong?
Tiger here, tiger there.
Siberian forest
deep and spare;
it is cold, cold winter there.

A former elementary school teacher, Catherine has also taught writing at Emerson College and ESL writing at Urban College in Boston.  Her poetry is published in literary magazines, including, including Proem, The Dawntreader, Visions with Voices, Nine Cloud Journal, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Bombfire, Paper Dragons, Kaleidoscope, North of Oxford, Shift, and Halcyon Days.  Catherine is very passionate about adult literacy. 

Photo By Александр Карпенко

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