‘Voyage To Pluto’ A Poem By Eric Fisher Stone

My favorite “planet” as a boy,
Pluto hung like a bead threaded
in two-hundred-year orbits,
treading darkness with its snowberry.

I dreamed it held wooly mammoths.
Translucent walruses loafed on its moon,
oceans of icebergs and krakens.
2015, New Horizons revealed Pluto,

undressing its round body from the void,
baring mountains and chasms the first time
like a naked angel for human eyes.
In boyhood, I wanted to colonize

its frost with my dog and hamster,
christen a country of kindness.
I’d lodge stuffed animals in my space ark,
pilot the black frontier and build

a nation whose motto is Love.
Here I am, far away on a planet
dripping with grapes and people
who’ve forgotten to cherish this world.

Eric Fisher Stone is a poet from Fort Worth, Texas. He received his MFA in creative writing and the environment from Iowa State University. His book of poems, The Providence of Grass was published by Chatter House Press in 2018. His second poetry collection, Animal Joy, is forthcoming from WordTech Editions in 2021.

Image: Planet Collage 1981 by Vicki & Chuck Rogers

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