‘Solstice to Solstice’ By Donald Guadagni

Tapestries of faint starlight, wisps of thoughts between day and night.
Integral emotions of gathering colors, dancing across dim memories in twilight.
Apparitions of sadness and faintest luster of forgotten tears staining the fabric of yesterday years
Luciferins from fireflies, backdrops of childhood, echoes of laughter swallowed and muted in the slow march of time.
Clouds ebb and flow in rivers wind across endless bright blue summer skies, mares’ tails, contrails, patterns, shapes, nebulous, defuse, delicate, daydreams of spun cotton and drifting mountains.
Swifts and swallows, blue dragonflies, buzzing bees and green bottle flies, a warm languid breeze, hawks glide in the skies, waiting for thermal to lift them up high. Bats appear in the twilight skies.
Dandelion fluff and cottonwood down drift in breezes, ponds ripple and bob, water spiders skating their mock ballets, water bells waiting as they hunt their prey, damselfly blue, bright emerald greens. The dullness of pond scum green,
 muted colors, soft, serene.
Shimmering waves of swirling heat, mirages take form then disappear, gentle pastel colors, undefined patterns of watercolor, too soft to touch, muted designs, each vision evaporates in the blink of an eye, ripples and waves without
 substances meander, coalesce, merge into patterns of the minds oasis desires.
Dust devils dancing, under hot cloudless skies, rushing winds, no destiny, vortices vainly reaching towards the sky, it life dissipates then vanish and dies.
Afternoon thunderstorms roiling and dark, actinic sparks and plasma glows, ozone, sudden downpours with thunderous roar, myriad hues of rainbows delight appear in the wake of passing fright, pastel, bright, defuse, arc and arches, nimbly
 jumping from droplets, mists, and phantom fogs, shimmering, delicate, fleeting then gone.
Autumn zephyrs caress, carry lingering fragrances of fading blooms and, mixed dull muted scents of fading life into the darkening days, into the night,
Pale morning dawn, small jewels of dew sparkle, twinkle, vanish when kissed by the first rays light.
Conifers in muted greens, deciduous forests of warm fading colors, momentary interludes, merging, their leave die, lifeless, falling, forgotten, grounded.
Apparitions of noise, scents of damp fallen foliage, ephemeral, listless decay, sequestered hopelessness, the death of seasons approaches.
Ephemeral, listless, leaves rustle and sigh upon the ground, small sighs of cold wind weave their way through branches and boughs, twigs creak and snap, the last dead acorn falls.
Soulless breezes, biting winds, race amongst the barren limbs, twisting, swirling, racing across cold still pond waters and brown empty fields
Solace, pristine, sharp, crystals, wet, dry, drifts, floats, flies, settles, waits, unending darkness, moonlight, starlight, unfettered, pure in the coldest night.
Skies alight with rivers of light, soft, warm, cool, cold, tapestries, mesmerize, enchant, beckoning lucid dreams, aspirations, desires, wrapping around the wayward lost soul, fire without heart, sublime, magical, fleeting without feeling, only
 motion of colors, soundless, vacant, haunting.
Lifeless, featureless, colorless, soundless voices unheard, stoic, muted, incorporeal, fleeting, silent echoes, aimless drifting, dreamless slumber, waiting unaware, for the spring to arrive after the solstice.

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