‘Galileo’ A Poem By Eric Fisher Stone

Stirring the cullet slops, molten glass
simmers to hellish puddings of zinc
or boric oxide, the devil’s tincture
casted in molds. Lenses cooled and ground
are rammed down a lead pipe. Light chokes
and bounces off a mirror made from tin,
copper and arsenic. Finished,
the telescope illumines Saturn’s rings,
the Milky Way like a cluster of angels,
the pewter nimbus of the stars.

Eric Fisher Stone is a poet from Fort Worth, Texas. He received his MFA in creative writing and the environment from Iowa State University. His book of poems, The Providence of Grass was published by Chatter House Press in 2018. His second poetry collection, Animal Joy, is forthcoming from WordTech Editions in 2021.

Image Credit: Galileo’s drawing of the Pleiades Star Cluster from Sidereus Nuncius courtesy the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.

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