‘Swimming In The Ocean’ By Catherine A. Coundjeris

August chills me
from time to time.
just like the currents of the ocean.
In the Atlantic
the chill comes
from someplace else
colder and deeper
than I would like to be.
Sea creatures large and small
swimming with me,
feeding at night,
and in the early morning light.
Could there be prehistoric
dragons lurking in the
middle of the ocean?
Deep as the deepest crevasse
of Mount Everest?
A bottom full of caves
and sulfuric life forms.
Far, far down
so far it grazes the core of the earth
warm pockets in the sea
not currents at all but bubbles
from a deep so foreign and unexpected
even the scientists don’t fully understand.
There are endless possibilities
in the deepest point
on land or sea.
The wonder of it
astonishes me.

A former elementary school teacher, Catherine has also taught writing at Emerson College and ESL writing at Urban College in Boston.  Her poetry is published in literary magazines, including, including Proem, The Dawntreader, Visions with Voices, Nine Cloud Journal, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Bombfire, Paper Dragons, Kaleidoscope, North of Oxford, Shift, and Halcyon Days. Catherine is very passionate about adult literacy. 

Photo By Paul Morris

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