‘Nymphaeaceae’ By Ellen Chia

When the curtain fell
On the dinosaurs,
The water nymphs, then infants
Fresh from the throes of
Terrors and ashes
Kept their stage afloat;
Fercundating starry bowls
And cups,

Unfurling in due course
The debut of a kaleidoscopic
Efflorescence primed
To alter Earth’s palette.

Cretaceous roots
Sprawl across Time’s strata
Etched as iconography,
Leveraging through
Borrowed hands the fashioning
Of variegated newbies:

Nymphaea Moonbeam,
Nymphaea Amethyst Mist,
Nymphaea Painted Lady,
Nymphaea Firecrest,
Nymphaea Wood’s White Knight
And a host of others
Monet would have coveted
For his Giverny palette.

Hitherto, Monet enjoyed
Synonymity with water nymphs
Though for a handful of us,
That is fast being supplanted
By bulk-sized Iguanodons

Skirting the halycon ponds;
Chomping down clumps of
Nutrient-dense waterlilies
Without any premonition
Their diets would before long
Outlast the foragers.

Ellen lives in Thailand. Whilst pondering over the wonders and workings of her tiny universe, she finds herself succumbing time after time to the act of poetry making. Her work has been published in The Ekphrastic Review, The Honest Ulsterman, Neologism Poetry Journal, Zingara Poetry Review, The Tiger Moth Review and Chiron Review.

Painting by M. Becker, 2001

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