‘Birdsong’ By Tanya Fillbrook

I wake up as the sun rises because the trillers start my day.
Little birds go first, sparrows, and thrushes in thickets, and crown,
soothing the woodpigeon, in tattered fashion flies to the ground.
A plethora of parrots in harmony, and hue lighting the dusky skies, waking the
neighbors, showing us all up again.
I don’t mind this intrusion, it tells me the day is ready, and, the sun will
shine, my skin will warm.
Feeling like a lizard, basking.
I long for the birdsong of angels perching on each sprig at spring, restoring my
faith in a world gone mad.
At least for now,
and the birds dance a celebratory jive.

Tanya Fillbrook is a nature writer who focuses on conservation and the importance of ecosystems. The Bird can be found in Friday Flash Fiction.

Photo by Cock-Robin

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