‘Last Of The Dinosaurs’ By Tanya Fillbrook

Bore before the man: picture the blank canvas.
This the set-up of a scenic gladescape, fingered foliage in lush-green.
Beasts akin to the skyscrapers, now, and the little things that once squirmed
under woody earth now wavered in azure ripple-sea.
Growing, metamorphosing skin, increased size, little beasts to bionic ones.
Looking out, deep across the corners of the world, her beauty is fading.
Please don’t take them, the last.
The rhino will wait for the trust of man; the elephant will merrily trump, trump:
bananas and mango for tea.
Eyes in the canopy descend upon their home. Each one a part of who they are.
Where trees fell, and sawdust gathers into nothingness.
When the identity of a gentle beast is robbed,
Ivory and horn leaves them nameless.
Loving them softly, I feel their pain.
Please don’t take them from us,
the dinosaurs, hanging on to little pieces of land, to hope, to dignity, to life.
Please don’t take them.

Tanya Fillbrook is a nature writer who focuses on conservation and the importance of ecosystems. The Bird can be found in Friday Flash Fiction.

Photo by David J. Stang of Osmunda claytoniana dubia

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