‘The buzz around us’ By Donald Guadagni

              Wasps and bumble, hornet, drone, humming birds are not alone. Clover pink and clover white in this honeybees delight, pollen covered, yellow hues, soon to hive, soon
to use. Cinnamon and daffodils rose and iris, blooms in hues, shallow petals, citrus trees all fair game for honeybees.
              The paper wasp does not delight in common pollens by day or night; they seek nourishment in different ways, nectar, flies and caterpillar prey. The hornet’s venue sap
and leaves preferring the deciduous trees, they’re predators and not opposed to hunting other bees and drones.
              Bumblebees it’s said could never fly should drop instead. Stripes of white and sometime yellow, bumbles are quite social fellows, flower nectar and pollen fares, gathered
from both here and there, these are the carbs and protein foods they keep them flying through the air.
              Social bees and those alone, roam the world that we know Antarctica is left alone. 20,000 species of bees, far too many for us to see, a glimpse, a buzz, a hum,
background noise ignored by some. Unless a barefoot romp through grass finds a honeybee at last!

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