‘Brain Bark and Tree Shadows’ By TJ Coderre


Etched in the hippocampus is a shadow of a majestic maple.

Its blackened reflection conjures too images of charred Amazonian giants engraved as monuments on parched tropical soil.

Yet with grim biomass reaping, need synaptic engrams venture so far?


The anger-driven buds on branched amygdalar dendrites foreshadow the breathtaking loss of chlorophyllic catabolism with the slaying of verdant giants.

And their felling and blazing ebbs antioxidant capacity with the inhalation of oxides that too poison our ozonosphere.


From humanity’s fabled beginnings, we were tempted to chew all.

But now, as we buck, we are able to hew fir as well as cane in a single blow.

Do not the convolutions of our cerebral mantle allow us to solve those which tillow will and sacrifice green for greenback?

TJ Coderre is a professor of Anesthesia and Neuroscience at McGill University and has over 150 scientific publications, including peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and reviews cited over 9,800 times. This is his first literary publication. He is currently querying a speculative fiction novel in the emerging climate fiction genre.

Featured Photo by Moira Gibson / Photo (above) by TJ Coderre

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