‘Branch By Branch’ A Poem By Yvonne An

Photo By Bicanski

As the night concludes its blackest melancholia,
the shushing trees in the parallel plain of grass
With the freckles of flowers continue to
Synthesize. With their purposeless achievement,
Regardless of the quantity and the
Condition, they continue to carry out their career of
Solely being persistent to the constant centipedes,
And the barehanded butterflies. With all the lucky
pockets of purity they lend us, we give them back
A plastic, fake promise in the face of protecting the forest.
They are curtained, like green-tinted glasses
canceling out the real, cloaking the fake
     “With the roots of various dominant organizations
       We shall spread the movement
       Branch by branch.”
we implant their tyrannical desires on each
Leaf of paperwork.
How many of the boundless predictions and beliefs
Of successful results in 2050, we have apprehended so far.
Unearthed and now adapted to too much light, we
Daydream of such grand possibilities to notice
the remains of our practices, the planted trees around the
Watershed, endlessly lingering, the nurtured dirt,
unfinished with raw saplings. The generous sun,
the night wind, and the abundant rain. They are as present as
the camouflaged air we breathe, but how is it that we
only yearn for newer opportunities for the sake of
our future generation and not our present? As an apple
is presented to be instantly bitten instead of peeled, we can
make up so much of what we are already given. However,
we begin separating apple juices and
their skins as we humans are rational enough.

Yvonne An is a Korean poet living in the Philippines. Growing up with the aroma of street food, she spends her days inventing projects that advocate for zero poverty and social justice, creating hypotheses, imagining characters and their stories, hammering her black velvet piano, and portraying our current world through music. Her accomplishments include gold keys by her poems admitted to the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, publications in Aerie International and WhatRoughBeast Indolent Books, investigative research papers admitted to the National Research Conference of Arts, Sciences, and Health (NRCASH), service clubs accredited by UNESCO, and awards in international youth piano concours.

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