‘Walt Whitman Pursuing Beauty’ By Daniel De Culla

His Biosphere, his Biorealm, his Bioprovince
His Bioregion, his Biolocale
Beat plunged humming “Leaves of Grass”
Throught drunken twisted paths
Stumbling pleasures and thinking about
The quality of being different
Transparent, unthinkable
Just talking from experience
Tracing the tread of our heads
Into a web and so mysterious and clear.
Despite the Presbyterian pastor’ words
Ralph Smith
Saying with envy and burr:
Walter is a Freeroamer of Love
That has converted the Locust Grove School
In a School of Sodoma
Or the John Peter Lesley’s, geologist:
Walter is a “pretencious gil”
And his Leaves of Grass
Are “profane and obscene trash”
Walter and his Leaves of Grass
Still are a promise and a delight.
We’ve been thinking about his offer
And their answer is a strong tentative yes.
I love it:
His new possible consciousness of the Earth
Filled with demons – making scenes
Of Love and Freedom
Wastings what he has given to You and me:
Leaves of Grass
And its natural science: that the Earth
Is the center of the attention
Not another’s manipulation on it.
It is a lovely pamphlet of possible Life.
O honey
Walter, You’re an acorus calamus
I love You.

We’re celebrating Walt Whitman’s birthday with a poem by Daniel De Culla. His love of nature and humanity is prevalent throughout his work.

Walt Whitman’s career wasn’t all roses. His work and lifestyle were unpopular. Only gaining recognition later in life and true fame after he died, he won some credibility for his praise of Lincoln and speeches. He edited and republished his most famous book, “Leaves of Grass” several times, in spite of negative reviews. His words and ideals have inspired writers and artists since their publication.

Photo Credits: Walt Whitman Portrait / 1863 / from the U.S. National Archives (left). Walt Whitman and Peter Doyle taken around 1869 in Washington D.C. (right) from the Whitman Archive.

3 thoughts on “‘Walt Whitman Pursuing Beauty’ By Daniel De Culla

    1. Thank You Constance! I’m glad to hear that. I thought it was unique, I don’t come across many about Whitman. Everyone who enjoyed this poem should take a moment to stop by your site and read your beautiful work as well.

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