‘Faded With Time’ By Saarthak Haldar

Painting of trees by Ravi Katyiar

Painting By Ravi Katiyar. Find him on Instagram @drawingdiary2001.

Seeing, as I stand in my cherished place
Thinking, as time passed everything changed

Once, there were chirping birds
Once, there, butterflies fluttered

The breeze touched my skin, tranquillizing my soul
That feeling was best of all

As the green leaves of the tree,
Danced in that breeze

There were carpets of green grass
With shining morning dew, like shining stars

Gazing constantly, the open blue sky
Was the best part of my life

Residing only in my memory now, a dreamland
Lost in forgotten sands

No birds chirp anymore
No butterflies flutter anymore

The breeze can’t tranquillize me anymore
Mesmerizing beauty, I can’t see anymore

Standing in that place alone
Everything is barren, I see
Everything has gone

Saarthak Haldar is a student of science, writer (mainly scientific articles), and poet from India. His poetry focuses on human feelings, emotions, nature, and the universe.

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