‘Space Enhancers’ By Tom Pennacchini

Lion Fountain Tomkins Square Park New York City

Tompkins Square Park By Kate Alsbury

A sign posted in front of the library tells of 
no internet service available — good heavens what to do?

the rain has waned the sun is coming on which lends
a never be daunted air and so I mosey on over 
to Tompkins Square crooning the living is easy (well sometimes)

tucking into the park — ah summer city squalor 
please step aside I think as I plonk down on the bench 
in front of a towering tree that provides a splash of graceful shelter.  
A freshly planted batch of flowers nearby 
and their sweet flickering scent is cleansing the air 
as I gaze up at a bluebird who has settled on the magnificent tree branch overhead and proceeds to bestow on me a veritable symphony of musicality —
oh sweet mercy — such an array of notes — abundant blessings abound!

the flowers providing a feast of aromatic bliss while bursting iridescent and the bird of blue rendering the air lyrically alive with gentle sound 
while the tree gives one and all the breath of living . . . 

I take it in and breathe it in and it is good

dear friends many thanks for fortifying the bone to back 
and for suffusing my morning with the exquisite.  

And just think their services are always available 

Tom Pennacchini is a flaneur living in NYC.

Trees Tompkins Square Park NYC

Trees in Tompkins Square Park By Kate Alsbury

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