In Pen-yr-allt Wood By Mark Gilbert

Photo Credit: From B4569 near Doll-lys Hall which snakes down through Pen-yr-allt Wood on its way to Llanidloes / Penny Mayes

Photo Credit: Penny Mayes

Down with the bluebells and sprouting fern
I can hear the sound of a songbird,
filling the forest with his flourish
and cutting through the woodland twitter.
It seems so loud so bright and so close,
yet peering up at the source of song,
straining my neck to see overhead,
there is merely a mottle of green
and blue, shimmering in early June –
no sign of the caller, just his call:
chiff chaff chiff chaff chiff chiff chaff chiff chaff

Originally trained in science, Mark Gilbert is based in the UK and has been writing poetry and prose for over 20 years. Examples of his poems may be found in journals/anthologies such as Skylark, DIY Poets, Atlas Poetica, Abyss & Apex, Narrow Road, Bones, Sonic Boom and Neon Graffiti: Tanka Poetry of Urban Life, as well as occasionally on display in a major city near you. Read More By Mark Here.

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