‘2Bee Or Not 2Bee’ By Robert Bertone / A Collection Of Three Line Poems

“2Bee Or Not 2Bee” By Robert Bertone – See more of his work at BertoneArt.com and on Twitter @bertoneART


honeycomb stands still
hexagonal cubes hollow
bees have swarmed elsewhere

                                                                                    — Gail Anne Stevens

symphony of wings
play from bloom to bloom
a colourful day

                                                            — Kate Alsbury

a bee
staggers out
of the peony

                                                                                         — Matsuo Basho

Gail Anne Stevens is a retired RN. She moved to Delaware from the Wash. DC metro area in 1978 to fulfill her dreams of working with underserved populations and living in the “country.” She led a privileged career serving migrant farmworkers, the homeless, and soon to be released offenders. All while living fifteen minutes from Bombay Hook National Wild Life Refuge and Delaware Bay Beaches, which she still frequents. Her experiential observations of both the human condition and nature’s landscapes have influenced much of her poetry and prose. She is a member of the Acorn Poetry Critique Group and was a featured poet at the launching of : WAM Café , a monthly art fusion event at the Dover Art League. Her work has been published in “Natural Health Magazine” and “Cicada’s Cry.”

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