The Great Bee Hunt: A List Of Citizen Science Sites That Feature Bee Projects

illustration, bee on golden yellow honeycomb background
Kate Alsbury

Ever wish you could share your nature observations with the world? Well here’s your chance. You can start your own citizen science project (like keeping track of bumble bees, for instance), or get help with things like bee identification. So here are a few citizen science apps to keep the honey flowing.

Lawn To Wildflowers

Dream of converting a grassy area to a haven for pollinators and native wildflowers? The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research is funding a project that encourages people to learn more about native plants and convert water guzzling lawns into a pollinator’s paradise. It allows anyone to enter data through an app or online. Isn’t quite ready yet, but you can sign up for their newsletter to learn more.


An exciting platform that allows you to record your observations, then share them with the community. They promise to share the data with repositories like the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. You can get help identifying your finds, or start a project of your own and keep track of biodiversity in your area. 

There are countless projects to join worldwide and you have the option to follow fellow citizen scientists. 

Discover Life

Discover Life lists several projects that allow you to keep track of all kinds of wildlife from birds, to moths, to pollinators. It’s also a source for nature guides, events, and study sites.

Pollinator Themes:

Bee Hunt

The Great Sunflower Project


Questa Game

This iOS and Android app turns your nature walk into a game. Earn points by posting plants and animals you find along the way or by identifying other players sightings. Earn bonus points by adding field notes to your own discoveries. And don’t forget to take the extra step of signing up for “Support A Cause.” Every time you correctly identify something in their BioExpertise Engine, they’ll make a donation to the organization you selected. 

Bumble Bee Watch

As you can guess from the name, this one’s all about bumble bees. It’s backed by organizations like The Xerces Society, Bees Spotter, The University of Ottawa, Wildlife Preservation Canada, The Natural History Museum (UK),and more.


SciStarter is similar to the other platforms mentioned. Just sign up and request to join a project.

Jalmurra (Us!)

We’re always happy to consider publishing your research, thoughts, or idle observations right here in Jalmurra. We believe that everyone has the ability to observe their surroundings and share ideas about what is happening in their native environment. Notice changes in plant or wildlife? Let us know. You can tell us about it in any form you like; a written essay, video, audio, photos, or anything in-between. Send your thoughts to [email protected]. Follow us on Twitter @land_alliance

Extra Credit:


This one doesn’t let you get in on the research, rather it lets researchers crowdfund or crowd source money for projects and experiments they’d like to work on. You can browse by category, or type something like “bees” into the search box. A great option for those who can’t get out in the field themselves, but would still like to contribute in some way.

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