This Is Bee Week – January 19 – 27

In Shoreditch, Pedley Street, London By Louis Michel (aka Masai)

They play a crucial, though sometimes overlooked role in our society — mainly by feeding us. From pollinating the crops that end up on our table, to providing the sweet honey we both eat for breakfast.

The plight of bees is an important one. Their numbers have dwindled in nearly every country around the globe to the point where just seeing one in some is a rarity. For this reason we’ve dedicated a whole week to bees — to raise awareness for their plight and celebrate their contributions.

So check back daily to learn more about our endangered friends, plus read poetry and see artwork inspired by bees. Beautiful reminders of what Summer holds during the dreary January slump. We’ll also be showing you some ways to make your backyard garden bee friendly. (No, it is not too early to start planning this year’s garden!)

Follow along with us on Twitter @land_alliance and share your bee thoughts and sightings using the hashtag #BeeWeek19.

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