‘Between Nant FFrancon’ By Gareth Culshaw

‘Fall of the Ogwen, in Nant Frangon, Caernarvonshire’ By Henry G. Gastineau & H. Lacey, Engraver, 1831


Between Nant Ffrancon

It was here
              inside the ‘U’
where ice had once shipped
itself to the sea leaving
a wound of rock.
Above ground moraine
above kettle holes
above the cirque
between the once tongues of ice
that had licked the valley.
At first,  swept coal dust,
then a bee like movement
flexed the stillness,
waved the height of peaks
up and
before being kneaded by the valley’s
shoulders,  settling
into my brains fabric
growing with every step
             as I walked slowly
                           slowly away.



Gareth lives in Wales. He is an aspiring writer with his first collection out in April 2018 by futurecycle. 



Stone structures at the southern end of the glaciated valley. Photo By Mat Fascione, Creative Commons License.


Dry-Stone Wall, Nant Ffrancon
Alongside the Lôn Las Ogwen Cycle Path.’ Photo By Ian Taylor, Creative Commons License.


‘Nant Francon’ By Edward Pugh & Thomas Cartwright, Engraver

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