Across The Pale Horizon

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 7.46.13 PM.png

 Across The Pale Horizon – Jonathan Turnick

Witness the finale of Apollo's charge,
  the soft landing of sun blown kiss,
  on the lips of a waiting world.

Watch her lips sparkle,
  in flecks of orange and ombré,
  of sunburnt reds, electric yellows.

Swim with vigor across the pale horizon,
  kick with glee at star tossed skies,
  cease to clasp the origin of scars.

Mourn the fade of evenings adieu,
  breathe and be embraced,
  in the flickering, starlit smile.

Taste sweet waters of evening air,
  dive deep in the well of light
  and emerge clean.

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