Tanka By M. Kei – Vol. 2

Watery Edge
the easy way
of a tall ship
on a summer’s day
the shore falling away
in the distance

on the Delaware Bay
by gulls

well down
the Delaware Bay
I abandon shoes
and breathe
the sea’s free air

the gentle rocking
of the ship
as she glides
down the diamond waters
of the Delaware Bay

off the starboard bow
winging their way
into memory

the arch
of a dolphin’s back
and reappearing
in the diamond sea

great blue herons
dark wings
the only shadows
on a summer bay

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M. Kei is a tall ship sailor and award-winning poet who lives on Maryland’s Eastern shore. He is the editor of Atlas Poetica : A Journal of World Tanka. His most recent collection of poetry is January, A Tanka Diary. He is also the author of the award-winning gay Age of Sail adventure novels, Pirates of the Narrow Seas (blogspot.narrowseas.com). He can be followed on Twitter @kujakupoet, or visit AtlasPoetica.org.

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