Pre-Release of Gencapp’s New Ride Sharing App, Driver

There’s a new playerScreen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.14.34 AM in the world of ride sharing apps.

Driver, the pre-release of a new app from Gencapp, promises to be a more complete marketplace for customers. It brings Uber, independent drivers, and licensed taxis together in one platform in a bid to level the playing field, as the debate continues over which kind of taxi to use. They’ve also added some unique features to boost security, after widespread concern over the safety of services like Uber.

Using the app sounds simple enough. First, log your pickup and destination locations and you’ll be shown a list of drivers, their prices, and availability. Once you’ve chosen, the driver can accept, decline, or negotiate a fare.

Drivers create a profile and pricing table for fares, but your actual fare is calculated by the app, using an algorithm based on their rates, and distance/time travelled.

Some security features include:

  • Gencapp’s social verification background check, that can be used by drivers and riders to get more info on who you’re in the car with.
  • You can assign a designated person who will be alerted if you don’t arrive at your destiantion on time, or the driver deviates from your agreed route, and you don’t respond to a notification sent to your phone. In this case, a link tracking your movements will be sent to your designated person.
  • A setting that can alert emergency services in certain conditions.
  • ‘Smart Contracts’ that protect riders from paying additional charges, and drivers from non-paying customers.
  • If an alert is sent, or you and your driver’s phone is off, a General Broadcast Alert will be issued. Your location will be posted on the General Gencapp Map and other drivers/users (should) provide some kind of assistance.

It could be an interesting alternative to existing apps for those in search of a more open marketplace. No details as to when this could be available as a mobile app.

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